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The  WOLF RIGS  Team

Founder CEO 

Reed Gerdes

Reed started Wolf Rigs as a cumulation of his life’s work and his love for adventure. He has spent his life exploring the most challenging 4wheel drive trails, and building vehicles to get him there. When contemplating how he could combine these two passions, Reed birthed the idea for Wolf Rigs.

When designing the Patton, Reed wanted to build something that had never been created before. An overland adventure vehicle that pushed the limits of capability and comfort.“The entire reason the Patton exists is that no one was building it. It's exactly the right size. It offers the most capability, amenities, and durability on the market...and it looks badass too”.

Reed's hope for those who purchase a Patton, is that they will find adventure and life long friendships with others in the Overlanding community. He has designed the Patton to be capable of taking you anywhere on the planet, on land that is.
“Life is short. I want everyone to have the opportunities I have had to have fun. I work hard and play hard. I love hanging out with friends and doing crazy stuff. I will forever be 25 in my mind.”

“We made it. Now it’s time to live fully, and help empower the rest of the Overlanding community to do the same.” Starting Wolf Rigs took a leap of faith. Reed, who is no stranger to challenges, has tactically navigated the terrain to successfully launch this concept.

“I operate with the belief that decisive movement keeps us on a successful path.”
Movement is certainly the theme of Wolf Rigs. The mission to create a vehicle that can go anywhere on land is the ultimate way to ensure that those who own a Patton will never stop

Mike and Patton.jpg

Michael’s vast life experience has brought a wealth of knowledge to Wolf Rigs.  Michael cut his teeth in technology leading the development of UAVs. He even has a patent for a large area seismic linear sensor system.  Michael has extensive knowledge of control systems as well as CAD/CAM technology. He also has built multiple tiny-home vehicles and current lives in and brings the experience of living in a beautifully built school bus conversion.


At Wolf Rigs, Michael heads the production operations.  Michael is also responsible for all the CAD designs used in the production of all the products Wolf Rigs sells.  Michael designs all the power and control systems used in our vehicles. He is a capable leader and an important part of the Wolf Rigs Family.

Michael King 

Co Founder-CTO

Operations Manager - COO

Jennifer Gerdes

Jennifer's experience managing offices of all kinds makes her the ideal Chief Operations Officer.  She over sees all operations from Sales to setting up events for the company.   She is a Colorado Native, mother of 4, a grandma (aka GIGI) and has also been married to Reed for 20+ years.  Family is very important to Jennifer and Reed, they have lots of family near by that visit the shop quite often. 

She loves spending time camping and boating which makes having the Patton a perfect match

jenns photo.jpg

Dr Magarelli has been a hummer aficionado for over 22 years.   He still owns his 2000 4 Door Wagon Hummer H1 and recently started his Tercera Vida “3rd Life”. After 30 years of clinical practice he now owns Technical Conceptions, LLC a reproductive medicine consulting group.  Dr Magarelli joined Wolf Rigs after taking just one look at the Patton… he got it!   His love of the outdoors, off roading and adventure … not least of which to say his advancing years  led him to understand what the Patton represents - the best and most formidable off-road RV in the industry for the price!  He can now get back off roading in a less rustic fashion (luxurious fashion)!  Currently he leads our PR and outreach department focusing on Hummer Groups, Outlander Groups and donated his Hummer H1 for our new project the Wolf Rigs Scout – stay tuned and watch its progress towards being the Wolf Pack (our Wolf rigs owners club) lead vehicle on our amazing Wolf Pack Adventures ™.   Roc Doc Magarelli will also help design, coordinate, and implement over-the-top overlander experiences for our Wolf Pack(tm) members.

 MD, Ph.D. aka RocDoc

Dr. Paul C Magarelli



To drive adventure by skillfully outfitting the agility of a vehicle with all the comforts of home.

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