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Founder CEO 

Reed Gerdes

My family is my number one inspiration and my strongest supporters. I was fortunate to work with my parents who taught me project management and creative problem solving. My brilliant, beautiful wife motivates me and gives me the confidence to tackle and master new skills. My kids are a blessing, they inspire me to pay attention to the details and complete work I can show them proudly.

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Co Founder-CTO

Michael King 

Michael’s vast life experience has brought a wealth of knowledge to Wolf Rigs.  Michael cut his teeth in technology leading the development of UAVs. He even has a patent for a large area seismic linear sensor system.  Michael has extensive knowledge of control systems as well as CAD/CAM technology. He also has built multiple tiny-home vehicles and current lives in and brings the experience of living in a beautifully built school bus conversion.


At Wolf Rigs, Michael heads the production operations.  Michael is also responsible for all the CAD designs used in the production of all the products Wolf Rigs sells.  Michael designs all the power and control systems used in our vehicles. He is a capable leader and an important part of the Wolf Rigs Family.


Gary Faircloth

Born and raised in Swindon Wiltshire United Kingdom 

Growing up playing Football (Soccer ) played semi pro

Went on the sales and opening his own Tech shop in Castle Rock 

Married with 4 kids and loves to help in the local community. 

Met with Reed the owner of WolfRigs and fell in love with the idea and the Patton. 

Now part of a awesome team and selling these beautiful off grid Vehicles .

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 MD, Ph.D. aka RocDoc

Paul C Magarelli

Dr Magarelli has been a hummer aficionado for over 22 years.   He still owns his 2000 4 Door Wagon Hummer H1 and recently started his Tercera Vida “3rd Life”. After 30 years of clinical practice he now owns Technical Conceptions, LLC a reproductive medicine consulting group.  Dr Magarelli joined Wolf Rigs after taking just one look at the Patton… he got it!   His love of the outdoors, off roading and adventure … not least of which to say his advancing years  led him to understand what the Patton represents - the best and most formidable off-road RV in the industry for the price!  He can now get back off roading in a less rustic fashion (luxurious fashion)!  Currently he leads our PR and outreach department focusing on Hummer Groups, Outlander Groups and donated his Hummer H1 for our new project the Wolf Riggs Scout – stay tuned and watch its progress towards being the Wolf Pack (our Wolf rigs owners club) lead vehicle on our amazing Wolf Pack Adventures ™.   Roc Doc Magarelli will also help design, coordinate, and implement over-the-top overlander experiences for our Wolf Pack(tm) members.

WOLF RIGS Timeline


Wolf Rigs is Founded 

Wolf Rigs begins with the H1 from our HUMVEE Manufacturer. With only the skeleton done this idea seems far away. After the connection with great team members, and owner. The Patton becomes visible in sight. This launches the manufacturing of The Patton. 


Wolf Rigs, The Patton is launched  

With the help of several companies and brilliant minds the Patton is born. To name just a few. Black Rhino alloy wheels, helps bring the Patton to Overland expo. With help from companies like  and Battle Born Batteries. The Patton becomes the talk of the town. 



Our mission is to drive adventure by skillfully outfitting the agility of a vehicle with all the comforts of home.


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