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Frequently asked Questions:

If there is something not on this list, please email us and we will get it answered asap ! 

What does it cost ?

For now the base price of a Patton is $350,000. This is inclusive of the list on the "Specs" page. The price can go up if you want other options, like a 6.6 Duramax in place of the Cummins, or if you want custom items in your build that are not on the list. The base model is pretty well equipped and you'll be hard pressed to add to it. But it can happen. 

How long do I have to wait to get my Patton?

As there are a list of things that can delay a build, we are able to complete it within 6-8 months right now. We are working on systems as I type to get it closer to 4 month turn. But again, this will also be determined by how many orders we have in front of your build. 

Is this the ambulance version of the Humvee?

We get this question a lot. Short answer; no. When Reed set out to make this dream a reality, he wanted the look of the ambulance top, but knew how small they actually are. If you've even been in one, even if you're 5'5" you'll have to duck. The interior height from floor to ceiling is 77". Which would not be possible in the original ambulance top. 

Do you have financing available?

YES !!! Wolf Rigs now offers financing options. As we now are able to deliver our rigs with a motorhome VIN, you now can get RV financing for them. Email us for specifics. 

Do you build on other chassis, or can I bring my own Humvee?

My Dad had a saying, "K.I.S.S.". Probably not the most politically correct thing to say, but he was right. Keeping our system and manufacturing simple is key to shortening delivery times. Yes we have other projects we take on, but those are back burner builds and really only for the employees of Wolf Rigs. So no, we don't for now build on other chassis. There are tons of other manufactures who build on other chassis and we love to refer business. So we don't mind telling you who we think can help you. 

Bringing you own Humvee... well, by the time we rip everything out that was original, it's really not something you'd recognize as "yours". We can take them in as a "trade", but unless this was your Dad's Humvee you just can't separate from, more than likely when we are done it's not the same anyway....

What is the ride like on and off road?

I can't tell you how many times I see a veteran say ,"I used to ride in those... always breaking and always a rough ride."

As a Veteran myself, I know. The ride on your new Patton will not even resemble your memory of it. In fact it is so comfortable I personally have taken it on many long road trips with a HUGE smile on my face and no problems. Even though we are only 8,700lbs dry, it is enough to mellow the springs out and give you a smooth ride. Now is this a "Cadillac" smooth ride? No, if you're looking for that, this is not your vehicle.


To address the "always breaking"... remember, how you were at 18 years old? Remember how you drove? yeah.... These things were designed and built to take abuse. The problematic parts we swapped out for more reliable systems, i.e. the drivetrain... see "Specs"

Can the Patton really do all the 4x4 trails you say it can?


Can I come by and pet your shop dogs?

Yes.  But I would recommend I be there with you. 

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