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We begin each overland vehicle build with an introduction to the build team. You will begin your
first big adventure, which will be the build of your overland vehicle. Once the entire process has
been laid out, we will get to work on building your wildly capable overland vehicle, which will
take you to the ends of the Earth!
Along the way, we will keep you updated as to the status, and send you awesome photos to
make your friends jealous. The entire process takes approximately 6 months. Once your Wolf
Rigs Patton is complete, we will deliver it to you, and you will become a part of the Wolf Pack.
This means you will stay informed of events and opportunities to adventure with fellow Wolf
Pack members.
We are so excited to begin your adventure with you!

Phase 1 -  Design

You will meet with the team and discuss options for your Patton. You will sign off on the build options and receive a final estimate, which is then confirmed as the final order. The team will begin to build your Patton according to the specs you have chosen.

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Phase 2 - Build

The team will begin building your Patton according to the specs agreed to in contract. We will keep you posted as the process continues. We will provide pictures and content for you to share with friends. You are welcome to come by the shop and take a look anytime. Phase 2 takes approximately 6 months