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Where are we gonna be in 2023 ?

Not sure if any of you have had a chance to see the Patton in person. We have been making the RV & overland shows a priority. Super excited to show it off and share our dream with others !!! Here is the list of events we are currently signed up to go to:

  • Great American RV Show , Colorado Convention Center, Denver CO - March 30- April 1

  • Barrett-Jackson - Palm Beach, Florida - April 13-15

  • MOORE Overlanding and Offroad Expo - Ozark Empire Fairgrounds – Springfield, MO - April 21-22

  • Overland Expo West – Flagstaff AZ – May 19-21

  • Outdoor Adventure X - Snowbasin Resort, Huntsville, UT - June 17-18

  • Overland Expo PNW – Redmond, OR – July 7-9

  • Overland Expo Mtn West – Loveland, OR – August 25-27

  • Overland Expo East - Oak Ridge Estates, Arrington, VA - October 6-8

  • Links to all these events online are at the bottom of this post.

WOW !!! That is some travel !!! Can't wait to see you all at these shows !!! Now this is a lot of travel for shows, but let's not forget the entire reason we are doing this....

Overlanding Adventures !!!!

As of right now, we are trying to get Mike's trailer vision (1SG) off the prototype floor and take it camping/off-roading in Moab the first week of March. Yes, Mike is on his way back from TX to freeze with me here at the shop, get our first Patton's off the production floor for our newest Wolf Pack members so they can join on our trips all being led be our own "RocDoc". In addition to all this, there are TONS of trails and campsites I have always loved here in CO for adventures. If you are around for any of this, please do reach out so you can come along...


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