Meet Our Team

Our mission is to drive adventure by skillfully outfitting the agility of a vehicle with all the comforts of home.

Adventure is our driving force. We believe there are no limits in life and there should be no limits for exploring. We are the alphas. We know you are too. This is why we set out on this journey to build an overland vehicle that scoffs at limits and pushes the boundaries of overlanding off the map. The first of its kind. A rebel and a rule breaker just like you. We are a team of outdoor fanatics, dead set on giving you the power to never stop exploring.


Reed Gerdes

Founder & CEO

Reed Gerdes started Wolf Rigs as a cumulation of his life’s work and his love for adventure. Reed has spent his life exploring the most challenging 4wheel drive trails, and building vehicles to get him there. When contemplating how he could combine these two passions, Reed birthed the idea for Wolf Rigs. When designing the Patton, Reed wanted to build something that had never been created before. An overland adventure vehicle that pushed the limits of capability and comfort. “The entire reason the Patton exists is that no one was building it. It's exactly the right size. It offers the most capability, amenities, and durability on the market…and it looks badass too” Reeds hope for those who purchase a Patton, is that they will find adventure and lifelong friendships with others in the Overlanding community. He has designed the Patton to be capable of taking you anywhere on the planet, on land that is. “Life is short. I want everyone to have the opportunities I have had to have fun. I work hard and play hard. I love hanging out with friends and doing crazy stuff. I will forever be 25 in my mind.” The journey to Wolf Rigs hasn’t been an easy one for Reed, but he has chosen to roll with the punches and use them as stepping stones. Despite the challenges, Reed’s determination and savvy business skills have afforded him the freedom to chase his ultimate dream. His goal is to help others follow suit. “We made it. Now it’s time to live fully, and help empower the rest of the Overlanding community to do the same.” Starting Wolf Rigs took a leap of faith. Reed, who is no stranger to challenges, has tactically navigated the terrain to successfully launch this concept. “I operate with the belief that decisive movement keeps us on a successful path.” Movement is certainly the theme of Wolf Rigs. The mission to create a vehicle that can go anywhere on land is the ultimate way to ensure that those who own a Patton will never stop exploring.

matthew clarke.jpeg

Matthew Clarke

Director of Sales & Marketing

For Matthew Clarke, the best part of the journey with Wolf Rigs has been working with a startup. Matthew believes in the mission of the company to bring adventure without limits to the Overlanding community. “Being part of a Startup, from the beginning, is always exciting and rewarding. Being part of Wolf Rigs dwarfs that because I am involved in the coolest project yet. I get to work with very cool people, one of which I have known since he was very young. Reed is a dreamer and this is one dream that I know I want to help make real. Being part of this and being part of its success in a position that I love doing is a dream job!” Matt’s hope is that those who purchase a Patton can enjoy the success of our team’s passion, and engage in some of the most amazing, real-life adventures possible. The love that Overland enthusiasts have for the outdoors, and the lifestyle that comes along with owning and traveling in an extraordinary vehicle such as the Patton, are unprecedented. Matt has a passion for living and is an explorer by nature. He loves to enjoy the company of friends and family, He also loves good food and wine, lending to his love for cooking. He also loves adventure travel, while wheeling, climbing, and hiking in the wilderness. The outdoors, forests, and mountains of Colorado are his backyard.


Vicki Severson

Director of Marketing

As an outdoor enthusiast, who works exclusively with outdoor brands, Vicki’s love of adventure was a driving force for her when Reed approached her about Wolf Rigs. “When I heard the idea and felt Reed’s passion for this project, I knew I had to be part of this. I jumped all in with no hesitation. There was no way I was going to miss this journey.” Vicki Severson is a nationally published copy & content writer, social media expert, public relations strategist, event coordinator, and branding pro, specializing in outdoor brands. She has also been a radio personality for Mile High Sports, a model, and an actress. Vicki has been published by Oxford University, The Denver Post, Inertia Magazine, and hundreds of times worldwide. She has also helped multiple brands become #1 in their niche with her top-secret digital marketing strategies. Vicki has worked with influencers such as the cast of Duck Dynasty and The Denver Broncos. Vicki is a hunter, competitive pistol shot, ATV enthusiast and in her spare time, she is also an EMT. “My hope for Wolf Rigs is that we bring to the overland community, a vehicle that is fully capable of taking them anywhere they can dream of.” Vicki is fun to work with and high energy. She brings the creative edge with personal experience in modeling and acting, so she understands what it's like to be in front of and behind the camera. An expert attention-getter, Vicki will help your brand or business catch on fire.