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The Patton is back in Colorado !!!

Well, we are back. First we had a whirlwind trip to UT to drop off our clients frame & truck tub with Plan B, we went down to Vegas to the SEMA show to see them.

After a day of seeing all that is SEMA, the Patton was ready to be picked up. Back to Plan B.

Off to Moab.... I thought this was a cool photo of the Patton on the trailer....

I met up with Mike in Moab and we stayed a few days to get some video and photos of the Patton in action in the place that inspired it's existence.

While we were there, Mike used his HAM radio skills and activated a few spots along the way.

This isn't much of a written story or blog as it is memorializing the trip and getting the Patton back to Colorado to be seen out and about.

Officially Colorado...

If you see us, please stop and say "hi".

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